Salons and

2017.9 - 2018.6

Training in academic, job-hunting, entrepreneurship, life and other
aspects of practical relevance to students:

 - Student:

      Essay skills,

      Review method,

      Course selection guidance,

      Timeline of applying for masters/PHD

 - Job-hunting:

      Industry introduction,

      CV guidance,

      Mock interview

 - Entrepreneurship:

      Face-to- face communication with entrepreneurs,

      Tier 1 visa,

      Business plan



Time and Date

Upcoming Events

20H Project


Combining employer management, selection of candidates,
job training and post-supervision to establish a bridge
between Chinese students and local enterprises in
Britain, aiming to make up for the weakness of the
lack of overseas work experience of Chinese students
and encourage them to make the best use of the 20-hour
statutory work time.

Hiking with Professionals

Starting in March 2018

Outdoor climbing activities. Providing students with
face-to- face opportunities to communicate with
professionals in order to promote students'
understanding of business community, enhance exchanges
between industry and academic, and increase the chance
of success in employment and entrepreneurship. Helping
companies to lower recruitment costs by selecting
potential candidates through various tests and

Panda Run

To be started
in January 2018

Marathon theme with Chinese characteristics. Carry
forward Chinese traditional culture during sports.

Annual Conference

17th March 2018

The most professional Chinese business Conference in
Manchester. Over the years, many political and business
professionals, including Liverpool Mayor Mr Gary
Millar; Head of the World Trade Department, Ms
Philomena, and Prof Jiajia Liu from the University of
Manchester, have been invited to share their

experiences and provide students with
help and inspiration on the road to success.

MCBS is a society with a member base comprising 5300+ students, graduates and professionals from the University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University and Salford University.

The society is inspired by a professional
group of students which aim to provide students ranging from undergraduates to masters with the
latest information on employment and networking opportunities with large firms.



Who We Are

What We Do

MCBS is a business-focused Chinese society. Other than our main annual event, our activities revolve around campus workshops with an emphasis on  employment, academics and entrepreneurship with our partners and wide range of different activities.

We pride ourselves working alongside with
various universities, companies as well as government institutions both in the U.K. and China. Also, we often
organise activities and annual conference each year that aims to promote social and economic Sino-UK
cooperation on a state level.

University of Manchester Chinese Business Society


President's Message

The society commits itself to improve the employment rates of international students.


The society hopes to inspire and nurture early-stage entrepreneurs and help to launch good Chinese business ideas to the UK market, or British business ideas to the Chinese market, thus facilitating China’s rejuvenation process and contribute to the construction of an innovative and entrepreneurial economy.


The society aims to consolidate the academic foundation of students, and to introduce good academic and career opportunities to the most talented students.


MCBS as a whole is making a united and persistent effort in building a global platform where academic opinions and business knowledge are shared and discussed, and therefore to inspire younger generation to resolve some, if not all of the most puzzling challenges in the future.

The President of MCBS,

Wentao Zhu

The Manchester Chinese Business Society (MCBS) takes the responsibility to build a professional and motivated Chinese profile on the international stage through business activities, cultural and academic exchanges. We welcome other student-led societies with the same ambitions to work with us. 

Since its establishment in 2014, MCBS has positively influenced over 10,000 Chinese students from the U.K. and China. The rapid growth of the society is mainly due to its well-structured management team and strong connections with industry and government. Our vision and mission always remind us the commitments we have to make to meet the future of China-UK relationship development, and to spread these values to a wider Chinese and British community.

Manchester Chinese New Year Flashmob


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