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Entrepreneurship Workshop

Ever thought of becoming an entrepreneur and living the dream? Manchester Chinese Business Society welcomes two guest speakers, Shiraz Anwar (Founder of Kaffeination) and Adeel Anwar (Founder of BioREC and Co-founder of Bio-Economy Consultancy) to share their entrepreneurial journey with us.

Shiraz Anwar is a serial entrepreneur who helps people in Manchester to get their own businesses started through his work with the Business Growth Hub as their Creative, Digital and Tech Startup Advisor.

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Whilst studying for his Masters in Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship at Manchester Business School, Shiraz alongside his co-founders successfully started a business and brought caffeine and vitamin enriched gummies to the international market. Shiraz will share his entrepreneurial journey launching his business whilst studying and how he maximised the support and resources at The University of Manchester. 

Adeel Anwar graduated in 2012 from the University of Manchester with a MEng degree in Chemical Engineering with Business Management. He moved into a PhD on the topic of “Enhancing the cold flow properties of bio diesel via heterogeneous catalysis”. Alongside his PhD, he took up the challenge of strengthening academia by establishing a social enterprise (BioREC) based on bio research to indtroduce effective knowledge transfer and efficient use of resources. He is now aiming to enrich a bio-economy through his latest initiative, called the Bio-economy Consultancy (BC), which aims to bring together academia, industry and the wider society to create a greener social impact. Moreover, with an overwhelming demand from students willing to learn more about entrepreneurship he has established The Academy of Champions (AoC), where he will share his personal, leadership and business development experience.

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