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Job Application Workshop

Have you been filling out all those job applications or spending countless hours trying to perfect your CV? Fear not, because we are here to save the day! The Manchester Chinese Business Society (MCBS) has organized a workshop to guide you on how to: answer tough questions on applications, what to include on your CV to stand out and so on.The workshop will be conducted by Loh. Loh is a 3rd year undergraduate majoring in Accounting & Finance and has already obtained a graduate job offer from Deloitte. 

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There is also going to be a 20-minutes Q&A session at the end where our speakers are going to answer questions on how to improve your CV, cover letter or how you could better manage those nerve-wrecking interviews! So what are you waiting for?! Come to the Student Union Room 6 on 20-Oct-2016 at 7pm to join us and get that dream internship or job offer you've always longed for!

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