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Hiking & Buffet

Topic:  Student & Companies/Scholarship activities

Do you want to deepen your understanding of business communities?Do you have any questions that you would like to discuss with Chinese entrepreneurs based in the UK, learn about their perspectives and see if they overlap with your own ideas? Well, this is an opportunity not to be missed! Join our Hiking & Buffet event - a close encounter with entrepreneurs and scholars in a relaxed and interesting atmosphere! Perhaps you can even carve out a job opportunity for yourself!


Time:March 24th 2018 (Saturday)


Location:Peak District, UK


£15 (Hiking, includes coach fees)

£14 (Dinner buffet)

£5   (Insurance, optional)

主题:学生 & 公司/学者联谊活动


快来参与我们的HIKING + BUFFET活动,轻松有趣的氛围,和企业家/学者们近距离接触!也许你,还能为自己争取到工作的机会!




地点:Peak District 峰区,英国




£5 (保险,可自愿选择)


The main objective of the 20H project is helping students to explore a wide range of job opportunities offered by local companies and businesses.

15% of Chinese students spend 20 hours of their work allowance every week, yet there are still large numbers of students who did not manage to find a suitable part-time job. Therefore, 20H acts as an employment agency that provides part-time job information to students by co-operating with local businesses.

Panda Run



时间:2018 年 1 月启动



Topic:  Chinese Marathon

A marathon with "Chinese characteristics". Carry forward the spirit of Chinese culture while exercising!


Time:Starting in January 2018



In order to enhance the quality of service, applicants need to go through several sections of tasks in order to be selected by the 20H team. We also provide other types of training such as communication, computer and team work skills to students, thus making sure that they are fully-prepared for their job.

Past Events

Final Examination Workshop

ACCA/FRM Workshop

PhD Engagement Workshop

Essay Improvement Workshop

Job Application Workshop

Entrepreneurship Workshop


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