The Team


The publicity department is mainly responsible for advertising society events and content promotion of partners, the management of the society's official website and social media such as WeChat, Weibo, Facebook and Instagram.

The director and other professionals are responsible for recording and editing clips of society events

WeChat is mainly used for pushing large-scale events within the society as well as discussing matters related to education, entrepreneurship, employment related information , regular sections have WeChat small radio platform



宣传部 - Department of Marketing







为庆祝2018年新春的到来,秘书部和曼彻斯特大学Fuse TV合作负责主办新年祝福视频活动,届时将为英国留学生送上诚挚的新春祝福

秘书部 - Department of Executive Secretariat

The main responsibility of the secretary department is to monitor and follow up on the progress of all other departments. Several methods, such as thoroughly recording regular meetings, making sure that all communication channels work smoothly and evaluating each member's performance on a monthly basis ensure that the demands of this responsibility are met, thus boosting the overall performance of our society. We also put a huge emphasis on developing our member's leadership skills by putting them into positions of charge within the individual departments, aiming to enhance their capabilities in regards to problem detection, analysis and solution. In addition, since we act as the links between the individual departments,  we also organise events that promote harmony and unity amoung our members and that are essentially dedicated to building a Chinese Business Society based upon solidarity and friendship.



The head and vice head of department are responsible for managing the coordination of work, all other secretaries of the department are responsible for department related matters an the department's supervision of work across the society.

Special Events

In order to celebrate the arrival of the new year 2018, the secretary department and Manchester Fuse TV cooperate on hosting a video celebration event that conveys sincere New Year Wishes to all overseas Chinese students. 


策划部 - Department of Event Planning





The Department of Event Planning is in charge of organising specific events, conferences, and projects. The department is divided into project teams under the supervision of the Department of Secretary. In the academic year of 2017-18, the department consists of the 20H Team, the Enterprise and Innovation Team and the Career and Academic Team. The teams also helps in organising the Manchester China-UK Cooperation Annual Conference 2018.

Department Structure

Mission and Vision

The department aims to connect academic, entrepreneurial and career resources as well as student talents in Manchester. It aims to improve the employability of international students, encourages social and cultural appreciation between the East and West and also facilitates student entrepreneurial initiatives through academic workshops, exchange projects and internship opportunities. With its highly efficient team and constant innovation, the department of Event Planning attracts talents from all academic backgrounds.

公关部 - Department of Public Relations


We are the societiy's diplomats, the bridge between our university and the world of business. To put it shortly, we are the department of public relations for MCBS. Our goal is to actively expand our means of cooperation with enterprises, businesses and social organizations. Furthermore, we are responsible for fundraising, renting space as well as other sponsor related activities for the organisation of our events. Here, you will have your first encounters with the larger society, experience an elite way of living and also sharpen your communication skills. You will also boost your progress by learning or improving upon a wide variety of skills, e.g. marketing and negotiating, from well versed business leaders in both formal and informal environments. Do not hesitate, we are here waiting for you to join!

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